COB Downlight- The Best LED For Interior Decoration of Your Apartment

Interior decoration is just incomplete without beautiful lighting. With the new technologies and demand, various new lightings have been introduced in the market. One of the very popular ones is the Chip on Board LEDs which are known commonly as the COB lights. The main thing about this light provides huge light from this source to a wide area compared to the normal LED which is used. Since they are mainly installed over the ceiling and provide light in the downward direction. You can get the best quality COB downlight in Gwalior online through reputed lighting stores. 

Why The COB Downlights Are the Best Ones?

LED lights are the new hype of this generation. We prefer using this type of light for so many advantages:

  • It gives high brightness light
  • High CRI
  • They work for a longer life span
  • Saves electric energy too.

Now these LED lights with the help of modern technologies have been transformed into COB LED lights to add up more benefits. Let’s have a look at those advantages:

  • They are mostly of high quality.
  • You can easily get a warranty for up to 2 years. So once installed you can rest assured about its life span for a minimum of 2 years.
  • Anyone can install them and no need for a technical person for this task. 
  • 45-degree tilting is allowed for these COB LED lights. 
  • Most of the COB Downlight in Gwalior uses up power like 3W, 6W, 9W, and 12 W.

To get those high-quality LEDs, contact the manufacturer of the best-LED light in Gwalior. They can provide you with various models with color options too.

Types Of Lights

Normally three types of light colors are available:

  • Pure white light
  • Natural white light
  • Warm White light

As they are being used for interior decoration and over the ceiling, models in white are normally available. White COB lights are best suited to any type of decoration of your home. 

Reason Behind the Brightness

Coming to the part why do COB lights have more shine than the other normal LED? You must observe that in COB downlights, all the LED light sources are concentrated in a small single area to brighten up the source. Also, it is having reflector to get the highest brightness too. It is also having one- mounted LED features too. For this reason, these lights are mainly preferred for high ceilings too. To impart the architectural looks, COB downlights have no other alternatives. 

In the End,

You can avail the best quality of COB lights from the reputed LED lights manufacturer in Gwalior. Check out the website to know more about this type of lighting and its suitability. Surely you will love them for your living room, dining room or even in your bedroom too. Consult with an expert to know about their installation and other precautions too. 


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