Need LED Downlights for Home in UP

Everything you want to know about buying LED Downlights in UP (Uttar Pradesh)

LED downlights are the ultimate long-lasting, low-energy alternative to halogen lights. We stated this many years ago, and the prophecies are coming true. It is nearly impossible to replace the LED lighting technology in our life as it is so energy efficient. At Miira lights, we are happy to recommend the most suitable lighting solutions for your next lighting installation as we stock the highest quality downlights.

Recess SMD Downlightavailable with us at Miira Lights, gives you the option of replacing the LED if it fails or if you want to change the brightness, beam angle, or color temperature. This popular item will suit your lighting needs and budget, and you can create a fantastically designed living room full of LED downlights.

We have a great selection available if you’re looking for recessed downlights or surface-mounted downlights. If you’re unsure which LED downlights to choose, please understand that LED downlights comprise an LED light source built into the downlight; this is usually non-replaceable, so you must replace the entire downlight on failing.

Integrated downlights are generally reliable and are better looking as they have advanced cooling features that optimize the temperature of the LED light source.

A Downlight is usually recessed into the ceiling and is a lighting fixture that emits a focused beam downward. Some years ago, Miira Lights revolutionized LED downlight technology with the first fire-rated product, IP65. All our recessed LED downlights are fire-rated for use in residential premises. Further, they’re all dimmable, and most are IP65 rated so that you can use the same fittings throughout your home.  


Miira Lights carry on to head the market with new LED engineering. Our latest products offer one unit, two output levels, and three white color temperatures. It means that you no longer have to make big decisions about lighting levels and color tone before setting.

Preferably, you can happily order a containerful of downlights that can make these critical choices. 

Why do Miira Lights make the best LED Downlights?

Miira Lights’ downlight collection looks beneficial and is simple to fix. We are presenting a slim profile with easy-fit connectors and a push-fit terminal. Most of the fixtures can be covered directly by rolled or blown insulation. Our zigzag and lock bezels come in different finishes, including white, black, gold, silver, chrome, and round and square shapes.

You can choose from several trim-less options. If you’re going to make a feature of your fitting and light, look at the beautiful surface-mounted downlights made from anodized aluminum and available in two sizes plus a matching pendant. It makes a remarkable statement on a high ceiling.  

We have concentrated on visual convenience throughout our range, so we have developed downlights that bring accurate meaning to the term low glare. We have also introduced switchable color technology – three white light temperatures in one lamp that you may change to suit your mood using a standard wall dimmer or an integrated switch.

We also offer warm to dim technology, where the color temperature changes from 1800/2000 Kelvin a beautifully warm when dimmed down to 25% to a day-bright 2800/3000 Kelvin at 100%.

We offer tiltable lights for use in vaulted ceilings or to throw light onto the walls and lights with an exceptionally high output for higher than usual ceilings; We even have a watertight downlight, which is rated IP65 from the front and back. This differently beautiful fitting is perfect for use outside in soffits, fascias, or anywhere that is open to the elements. 



Selecting your most appropriate downlight

At Miira Lights, we offer such a large and distinct compilation of downlights divided into ranges to help narrow your initial search. 

Miira Lights provides what is essentially a bespoke downlight solution by enabling customers to create their exact specifications from nine configurable elements.

If you’re looking for a collection that provides the most cost-effective option, Miira Lights will mesmerize you with an impressive lifespan of 70,000 hours and an extended warranty.  

With so many options and different architectural projects of various scales, it won’t be difficult to choose Downlights in Uttar Pradesh.

So, call us at +91 9528027775 or email us at, and we’ll get you sorted.



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