Things to know before buying LED Downlights for home

LED Downlights are one of the most superior lighting solutions that provide functional ambient lighting throughout commercial spaces. These lights are the foundation of an efficient lighting plan and lighting solutions designed for many applications. They emit light downward and accomplish in taking various lighting roles such as task and accent lighting.

Furthermore, these lights aesthetically complement other installed luminaires like spotlights, pendant lights, among others. These lights come with various benefits such as flexibility, versatility, reliability, longevity, and energy efficiency.

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Things to ponder before shopping for LED Downlights

Selecting the right LED Downlights is essential to improve the overall lighting experience around the space. Following are the parameters that can help you in buying the right LED downlights:

  1. Brightness Levels

The first thing to consider is the brightness level. The brightness level of LED lights is measured in lumens and not in watts. 

For example, a 20W LED downlight is equivalent to a 40W CFL downlight or a 100 W halogen downlight, even though they all generate the same amount of brightness (lumens).

Refer to our product page to find a suitable replacement for upgrading your existing halogen or CFL downlights to LED downlights. We should always choose the downlights with the highest lumens possible. 

It would be best if you decided on the correct brightness level based on the characteristics of each room. For instance, you should consider the number of downlights relative to the size and height of the room. For homes between 2.4m to 2.7m height, LED downlights between 9W and 15W will be most suitable.

  1. Color temperature

Color temperature refers to LED light color characteristics; Kelvins (K) is the measure to access lighting’s warmness or coolness. Lights with lower Kelvin numbers produce warm illumination, while those with higher Kelvin numbers produce cool illumination. According to our LED lighting experts, color temperature strongly influences the space’s mood and environment.

  1. Frame

Recess SMD Downlight available with us at Miira Lights are best-in-class, really. These lights emit light with a precise, narrow beam steady downward. Plus, they’re economical and can fulfill the general lighting requirements efficiently. On the other hand, you can also adjust the direction of the light and are best suited for spaces that require task lighting.

  1. Savings with LED Lighting Solutions

Engineers are constantly developing technologies that would substitute old forms of mechanisms and technologies that threaten the environment. LEDs Lights are such an invention. These light sources are highly efficient, built with materials engineered to use almost 100% of energy. 

These light sources are highly efficient, providing light without deteriorating nature. Besides these custom light technologies, LED lights to come in many forms, such as LED downlights and LED panels.

So now you can choose the LED downlights for home according to your needs, and you can also purchase the same from Miira Lights.


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