LED Strip Lights in UP (Uttar Pradesh)

Miira Lights has developed a collection of LED strip lights in various applications seeking to deliver innovative products.

While consuming less power, you can use LED strip lights to impart a distinctive lighting effect to any place, whether it’s about TV backlighting, cabinet lighting, cove lighting, or any other decorative lighting experience in brightly lit spaces.

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Features of LED Strip lights

As the name suggests, LED Strip lights have 60 tiny LED bulbs per meter arranged to provide brighter and better light distribution. This 5-meter-long strip of lights is available in various colors like warm white, cool daylight, and blue to suit your every mood.

LED Strip Lights are only a safe lighting solution. The installation of LED Strip Lights is easy and convenient as it comes equipped with a long-lasting adhesive which makes it simple to fix up.

LED Strip Lights

With LED Strip Light, you can give a New Dimension to Your Home

The LED Strip Light is a cost-effective way of giving your room a complete makeover and make up for a durable and compact addition to any space of your choice. These lights provide backlighting to your furniture or false ceilings and effortlessly blend with your décor.

Why LED Strip Light considered extraordinary for Uttar Pradesh Homes?

Are you looking for ways to add a festive vibe to your place instantly? Investing in some of our energy-efficient and high-quality LED strip light is the perfect way to give an upbeat vibe to your home.

At Miira Lights, you can choose from a wide range of colors. And to understand the concept, keep in mind that an LED Strip Light is a flexible circuit board mounted with light-emitting diodes with a sticky back, making installation easy.  With their flashy lighting effect, these LEDs highlight your house’s beautiful parts and looks pleasing.

There is a wide range of options, from the blue LED strip lights to white LED strip lights, These LED strip lights are perfect for decorative lighting, and they brighten your home like no other lighting fixture out there. Strip lights for home at Miira Lights are affordable and used for various purposes. If you’re thinking of redoing your home’s beautiful interiors with our home lighting solutions, then you’re in for a treat. Why? Because now you’ll surely create a beautiful aura in your place! 

There are various quality levels of LED strip lights, so it is essential to know the difference between them. Even if you don’t, you can trust Miira’s quality blindly. No doubt, you’ll get the best possible LED products at the best possible rates.

Moreover, these flexible LED strips boast a flat, low-profile shape. It allows fixing the lights and cutting to size at any cut point, making it an extremely versatile lighting device. As a result of their brightness and customizability, LED strip lights usage range from replacing ceiling fluorescents to under cabinet lighting and lighting a small hobby project or a large conference room. You can even control them through wireless dimming systems and wall switches.

Breakdown of Strip Lights Facts:

Lighting Source: Surface-mounted LED chips to come in various configurations of LED chip sizes and numbers. They can also come in a massive range of single colors with options to change them.

Size: Tiny and compact. Strip lights usually are no wider than ⅜” wide and 1/16” tall.

Brightness: Miira Light’s range comprises the brightest LED strip lights available. And all the strip lights can be controlled and dimmed. Each architectural project requires a different amount of light output. Don’t worry; our experts will help you navigate to the best product for your project.

Applications: Strip lights are used as accent lighting, backlighting, and display lighting. Other options for use are TV backlighting, under kickboards, display/jewelry cases, bar, architectural designs, club lighting, terrariums/ indoor above cabinet lighting, under counter lighting, garden lighting, or refrigerator lighting.

LED Strip Light Positives​

Brightness: Very high brightness options are available.

Size: Strip lights are effortless to fix in a variety of applications. These lights, because of their similarity to tape, are also known as ‘tape lights.’

Mounting: These lights are easy to mount and come with adhesive on the back.

High bend angle: Highly flexible with the ability to bend to any angle.

Light quality: Differ from company to company. With LED Strip Lights, you see better CRI, light purity, color consistency, and color accuracy.

Colors and options: We offer a more comprehensive range of color-changing options with a complete circuit system for controlling colors via a remote.

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With so many options and different architectural projects of different scales, it can be difficult to choose LED Strip Lights in Uttar Pradesh.

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