LED Lights for Bedroom

Top 5 Best LED Lights for Bedroom

Almost everyone in the bedrooms would like a relaxed, calm and peaceful environment. Paying attention to both aesthetics and your sleep cycles is the secret to choosing excellent lighting in the bedroom. This makes it possible for your brain to generate the requisite melatonin for a comfortable sleep. 

To encourage healthy sleeping habits, you need LED lights to have clear visibility. The objective is to balance your light intensity preferences with the perfect match’s lumen number.

Why You Should Go For LED Lights?

Modern-day people prefer LED lights by replacing the traditional halogen lights by considering the advantages of LED lights. Here we have listed a few main advantages of using LED lights. 

  • First of all, LED lights long last when compared with the standard lights. In an average LED lights can withhold somewhere between 35k to 50k hours, but there are few lights with the capacity of going up to 100k working hours. 
  • Unlike normal standard lights, LED lights won’t get warm and works with high luminous efficiency. 
  • LED lights are adjustable and versatile; you can create a cozy atmosphere by dimming the lights. 
  • Unlike the normal standard lights where you can get only colour coated bulbs, LED lights comes with a whole palette of vibrate colours. 

Top 5 Best LED Lights for Bedroom

1. Warm White 2700K 

The bulbs are made with the highest standards of quality and safety. These dimmable LED bulbs, equal to a 100-watt light bulb, are a decent option for bedside lamps and ceiling lights.

The warm white light of 2,700 K and the factor of 1,500 lumens can give you sufficient brightness to look up something when you need, and still appear soft not to mess up your sleep patterns. Another good thing with these LED lights is that they’re fully dimmable—from 10 to 100%. It is excellent for setting the mood when you want to.

2. Dimmable Vintage LED 

These LED lights are an excellent standard. The decorative vintage filament design showcases the traditional bulb style. It looks stylish and suits modern bedrooms. A traditional 60 watt light bulb is replaced by one of these vintage bulbs and has a moderate luminosity of 700 lumens that is perfect if you’d like to create a dimmed, comfortable atmosphere in your bedroom.

3. RGB LED Lights 

For modern houses, these LED strip lights specialize in smart lightning. These LED lights have an integrated microphone that syncs with music or claps so that you can control the mood.

Thanks to the creative nature, it is possible to completely adjust both the brightness and the colour of these LED lights for bedroom. You can also create customized lights to sleep, and then wake you in the morning to select a hue that suits your moods and preferences from the RGB spectrum.

4. LED Strip Lights

Without smartphones or other fancy devices, LED strip lights can be completely personalized. All it takes is a tiny and convenient IR remote with the lights that you get included. You can set up the colour of the lights– make changes from your bed remotely. You may choose from different light patterns (flash, fade, natural, etc.) and change the luminous intensity to suit your needs.

5. 3-Way LED Light Bulbs 

Usually, bedside and reading lamps are three-way lamps that require three-way light bulbs. These bulbs allow the option of switching your lamp to three distinct levels of brightness: the equivalent of 40, 60, and 100 watts. With such a wide variety of brightness choices, you will be sure to find an atmosphere that works for you and allows you plenty of light to read. 

Bottom Line

The choice of the correct lighting style for your bedroom can significantly affect your sleep quality. The perfect LED lights for bedroom helps you easily change the mood. You can also read your book despite squeezing your eyes and enjoy a comfortable, warm and soft atmosphere.

You get years of consistent quality with the right option for your personal needs. This is a smart investment that encourages better sleep and makes your bedroom a comfortable and intimate refuge.


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