LED Lights for home

Best 8 advantages of Installing LED Lights


To reduce costs, every consumer is trying to find new ways to operate their household efficiently, and LED light fittings might be the best way to increase efficiency and save money.

The most effective, secure, and eco-friendly way to lighting your home is using LED lights. They are a perfect alternative to halogen or traditional lights and give the best lighting solution. Families, Business Apartments using LED tubes save on their monthly bills and support the world. 

Here are the key advantages of installing LED lighting at your home.

5 Key Advantages of Installing LED Lights

1. Long-life LED lighting

One of the top advantages of LED lights is that they last for longer than other lighting alternatives. In reality, the operational lifespan of LED bulbs is up to 100,000 hours. You can see that it will last for 20 years if your LED light is switched on for 8 hours a day.

2. Energy Efficiency LED Lights

In general, LEDs consume significantly less power. Compared to traditional light bulbs, LED lighting is estimated to have an energy consumption rate of 80-90%. This means that 80% of the bulb’s electricity is converted to illumination, and only 20% is converted to other sources of energy into heat. By contrast, at just 20% efficiency, a standard incandescent bulb works, with 80% of the energy being lost as heat.

With LED lighting, the percentage is reversed, and this energy efficiency saves your money every month.

3. LED Lights Are Eco-Friendly

LED lights are free from toxic substances such as mercury found in traditional bulbs that are harmful.

LED light fittings are 100% recyclable and have a longer life span that decreases the planet’s energy consumption. All of the material costs, electricity, the amount of waste and packaging used in manufacturing are reduced, making LEDs the perfect option for environmentally conscious consumers.

 4. LED Lights’ Durability

LED lights, made with solid materials, are very durable and long-lasting. They are designed to be resistant to shocks, vibrations, and other external factors. This gives LED lighting installation a perfect choice for your apartment’s outdoor areas, as they can comfortably deal with anything that can be thrown at them by the weather.

5. Compact Size of LED Lights

LED lights are available in different sizes and shapes. They can be made as tiny as 2 mm, making them a perfect choice for lighting in your home spaces that are hard to access. It can be an easy solution to accomplish this if you have any design forms in your home that you want to highlight by LED Lighting systems like strip light.

All in all, LEDs are beneficial technology that quickly becomes the first choice of residential and business owners, facility operators, and lighting experts. Apart from those, here are the 3 more benefits you an avail by installing LED lights on your home.

Additional Benefits of Using LED Lights

1. Instant Working 

Unlike the traditional standard lights and most florescent lights, the LED bulb glows at full brightness when they turned on instantly. LED bulbs reach its 100% brightness almost instantly, meanwhile, all other lamps will take a minimum of 3 minutes to reach its maximum brightness. 

2. Controllability

A LED bulb gives you full control with the dimmable option. Yes! You heard it right; you can dim the light brightness of the LED bulb according to your need or environment. The presence of semi-conductor in the LED bulbs allows you to do light dimming activity. LED lights can be dimmed up to 10% of their lighting output which you can’t experience in fluorescent lights.  

3. NO IR or UV Emissions

Unlike incandescent lamps, LED bulbs emit ‘zero’ IR (Infrared) or UV (Ultra Violet) rays. Owing to this, LEB bulbs provide lower heat when compared with all other bulbs. According to the study reports, only 10% of the light emitted from incandescent lamps converts into visible lights. The remaining 90% turns into IR or radiated heat, this is the main reason people get burn hazard while exposing for a long time under the incandescent lamps. 

Bottom Line

There is no question that LED lights for home will be the best option of the future, with these lights being so secure, durable, and eco-friendly. They will save your funds, time, and effort while providing excellent lighting solutions for both indoors and outdoors and you can’t demand anything more.


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