Need LED Downlights for Home in UP

Need LED Downlights for Home in UP? Go With Miira Lights Products

Adopting LED Downlights for Home in UP (Uttar Pradesh) saves electricity, money, and extra maintenance costs, but this only happens when you switch to High-Quality LED Lighting products. Read on if you want to know what factors you should consider when buying the best quality LED Downlights for Home from Miira Lights.

LED Downlights for Home have revolutionized energy-efficient lighting. Nowadays, you can easily say that LEDs are a temporary solution to energy-efficient lighting. Apart from being long-lasting, durable, more efficient, and eco-friendly, we have ensured that Miira Lights replace incandescent bulbs all over Agra and UP.

Led light products are easily available in the market, but always consider some significant features like power, light appearances, CRI, etc. Get informed about such key aspects in detail in this blog, and select the best LED for the best result.

Some important factors to identify the most high-class LED Downlights for Home

You should consider six factors to buy the best quality LED light for any application.

  • Lumens Per Watt
  • Power Factor
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index)
  • Color temperature
  • Heat sink
  • Life of LED Chip

Exciting tips for Choosing LED Downlights for Home from Miira Lights

It’s a long list, but choosing and installing LED Downlights for Home from Miira Lights is a huge decision. Below are some of our suggestions to consider:

  1. Buy from trusted brands like Miira Lights only with a valid warranty and quality. Many cheap imports are available online; however, cheap online downlights do not necessarily comply with the Bureau of Indian Standards, and they could cost you later if something goes wrong with them.
  • When buying LED downlights, you should look to buy the size that suits you best. As these are the most commonly sold, you might get them cheaper because they are manufactured in larger quantities, and when you change the fixtures, they’ll be easier to replace that size.
  • Use light level dimmers with your LED Downlights to further save on electricity. One should only look for reputed LED lights suppliers who provide compatibility charts listing dimmer brands and types as all the dimmers and dimmable LED lights are incompatible.
  • Walls with light colors are brighter and better lit than walls with dark colors and light-absorbing surfaces. So, consider the light spacing, brightness, and beam angle.
  • If you choose to install dimmers, use a push-button dimmer as they look stylish and act as an on/off switch if fixed on the wall.
  • Look for an Indian-standard plug base to plug in and flick without needing an electrician. It would be best if you only bought from quality wholesalers like Miira Lights when looking where to buy. The market is flooded with different grades, so only buy from reputable companies like Miira Lights which provide valid warranties and comply with all the relevant quality control standards. 
  • Once you have purchased your lights, make sure you use a good electrician with a good reputation during the downlight’s installation.
  • To detach LED downlights, drag them down slowly from the roof so you do not break the gyprock and injure your fingers. 
  • When changing halogen Lights to LED Lights, look to buy warm white to match the same color temperature.

The Lifespan for LED Downlights for Home is why people go for them

The lifespan of Lights, of course, depends on the type you invest in. On average, Halogen downlights last for approximately 2,000 hours, and most halogen globes need to be replaced within a 12–18-month period.

The Lifespan of LED Downlights for Homes in Uttar Pradesh is approximately 27 years if switched on daily for 5 hours. Hence proved that LED lighting is far more cost-efficient than Halogen lights.

Many people ask what the difference between a spotlight and a downlight is. A spotlight has a narrow beam angle and will highlight a certain object like a piece of art, while a downlight has a wider beam angle; the wider the angle, the less you require. 

Also, we still get asked a lot in store how you change a LED downlight. According to our experts, this depends on if it is built by world-class manufacturers like us or not! Most are built-in with a fixed light and driver separate with a plug, in this day and age. You can only replace the whole fixture when the built-in light, including the downlight driver.

The manufacturing process at Miira Lights dictates that we engineer the driver to run efficiently with these lights. Why? Because, in the most common situations, you just can’t just buy another driver to run the light. But rest assured, due to the world-class quality of Miira Lights, you never have to worry about that.

Looking for LED Downlights for your home? Miira Lights has several world-class options that you can explore

Miira Lights presents a world-class, mind-numbing quality of decorative LED lights for home – whether you’re looking for ceiling lights, panel lights, spotlights, or something more, we have it all. 


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