LED Strip Light in UP

Reasons you should buy a LED Strip Light now

LED Strip Light (Linear Strip Lighting) is an increasingly popular way of lighting and has become very popular and affordable for commercial and residential lighting applications. If you’re an architectural firm, there are various things to consider in ensuring you get the correct type of light for your needs.

LED Strip lights are becoming suitable for lighting homes and offices. When comparing LEDs over halogen bulbs: LEDs are more energy-efficient, brighter, longer-lasting, they don’t produce much heat, they are easily controllable and programmed.

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Below is a brief description of LED Strip Light. This guide will detail them later as there are multiple types of strips in some of these categories.

  • LED Rope Light– Omni-directional LEDs that come with the standard rope light packaging.
  • High Output LED Strips– High Power LEDs from Cree, Luxeon, and Nichia mounted to rigid strips with onboard drivers and circuitry.
  • DC LED Strips– Powered from 12VDC, these flexible strip lights have an adhesive backing for easy mounting and cut over two inches.
  • AC LED Strips– Just plugin these flexible strip lights, and they’re ready to go straight from your outlet

If you’re tired of the age-old luminous lighting and you don’t want to go with the ongoing LED or CFL bulbs, then you should consider LED strip lights. Given their functionality, durability, colors, safety, and decorative uses, the LED flexible strip lights are an excellent choice.

Reasons to illuminate your home and office with LED strip lights:

  • Easy to Install– Easy access to the installation is the #1 reason to try out these lights. Most LED strip lights can be attached to any surface as they come with an adhesive backing that can be easily peeled and attached without any hindrance.
  • Flexibility – Unlike traditional bulbs, Flexibility is the best feature of LED strip lights. They can be used anywhere on curved surfaces, under shelves, at corners, and in cabinets.
  • Energy Efficiency– The LED strip lighting is energy efficient. It consumes 75% less energy than traditional bulbs and 50% less than CFLs, making them an excellent lighting option, given their energy efficiency and illumination.
  • No-Toxins –Unlike fluorescent lights, LED strip lights are manufactured without hazardous chemicals and mercury.
  • Durability – The ribbon lights are manufactured using durable components built to endure harsh conditions. They are designed to withstand heavy vibrations, external forces, and outside elements.
  • Cost-Efficient –Even though LED strip light costs may cost a tad bit more, its durability and energy efficiency make it cost-efficient in a better manner. These lights are less expensive than LED bulbs.
  • Low Temperature – Unlike the traditional bulbs and CFLs, which use almost 90% and 80% of their energy as heat, the LED lights have a low running temperature. So, this is an excellent reason to install LED strips, especially when you have children, pets, and heat-sensitive spaces.
  • Waterproof – The LED Strips are also available in watertight ribbon and tubes. So, they are the perfect choice to be used in fish aquariums, automobiles, and outdoors.
  • Infinite Usage –  When thinking of using LED strip lights, you are only limited by your imagination. You can use LED strip lights anywhere you want and at any place you want to illuminate.
  • Attractive Designs– Using lights to create designs has never been easy, but you can easily make stunning designs with LED strip lights. You can use them to backlit your television, install them under a cabinet, or even form a virtual sky in your ceiling. There are endless options.
  • Appealing effect – As expected, the LED ribbon lights are beautiful and what adds to their appeal is their variety of warm, bright, and cool hues. These lights have been crafted to give the best effects of lighting.
  • Safe – LED Strip Lights are the safest option amongst all the lighting options available in the market. Due to their humongous amount of outstanding features, you can use it anywhere without any fear.
  • Environment-Friendly – These lights have no harsh chemicals at all; we guarantee it. Moreover, their durability and energy efficiency make them the best way out to environment-friendly lighting. And that’s why you can easily recycle the LED strip lights.
  • Variety of Colors – Unlike traditional lights, the LED light strips are available in a range of solid colors and color-changing options.
  • Longer Life Assurance – The strip lights have a life expectancy of almost 50,000 hours, far more than any conventional light. You can use them without fearing any sudden breakdown.
  • Customizable – Another good reason to adore these lights is that they are designed as required. You can customize LED strip lights to fit any area by cutting them to the required span.
  • Low Ultraviolet Emissions – Because of low UV and infrared emissions, LED strip lights are an ideal choice to use around light-sensitive materials, such as artwork.
  • Instant Lighting – Unlike the fluorescent bulbs, the LED strip lights don’t require heat up to illuminate. As you turn on the switch, you get lighting instantly without any flickering.
  • Dimmable– Thanks to technical innovations, the LED light strips have been developed to create the desired mood and ambiance by dimming or brightening the light using a dimmer.

Get all kinds of Strip Light you need from Miira Lights

To get started, try out the Intelligent range of strip lights from Miira Lights. These strip lights are USB and battery-enabled to offer unending choices for using them. The LED strips are not just limited to bright colors; you can get them in a range of hues and shades. Be imaginative and get surprised with the results! Use your imagination to create the most inspiring lighting designs.

With so many options and different architectural projects of various scales, choosing LED Strip Lights in Uttar Pradesh can be difficult.

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